We help challengers and established brands to take full advantage of the mobile world and achieve their goals in wholesale telecoms and MVNO world.

Our Unique Features

  • Multi Tennant
  • Scalable
  • Cost Efficient
  • Pay As You Grow
  • State Of The Art
  • Without Legacy

Wholesale Platform Services Capabilities

We created an infrastructure built on virtualized machines, which enables us to:
  • Offer any sort of telecom service you can imagine
  • Isolate your business in a separated environment if needed
  • Make your services scaleable, based on needed capacity, up or down
  • Carve out your own environment if scale or business requires
  • Be very flexible, share resources or use your own

Operator Enabling Services

Okta8 is able to host operators who own resources, but lack the knowledge to operate a telecom network infrastructure. Our Telecom Cloud solutions will make this easier for you. We list a couple of services that we can provide.