QYCC offers a wide range of consultancy competences. We mention a few:


Many consulting companies active in the telecommunications domain focus on end-user experience, processes, digital transformation, economics and business opportunities. Telecom solution vendors and integrators do have a perfect understanding of how their solution has to be designed and how it works. However the telecom grade integration of these systems with for example the complex mult-IMSI SIM cards, radio access providers and roaming partners is a much more complex challenge.

Only few consulting firms understand the core telecom network technologies, let alone have a holistic view of the complex interaction between all components and (international) partners in the end-to-end chain of the telecom network. The behaviour and functionality of (multi-IMSI) SIM cards with handsets and/or IOT devices, the interaction with and between 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks, the behavior of international signalling and voice and data roaming partners, the configuration of core network elements and profiles in an HLR/HSS, the interaction with real time rating systems and OSS and BSS platforms, all determine the end-user experience of the wireless application.

With decades of experience in this field, QYCC is able to optimise the end-to-end functionality and improve the reliability of the wireless telecom service.

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