QYCC your telecom expert

At QYCC we advise Telecommunication providers in The Netherlands, and the EU. Wholesale Telecom is more important then every before. Buying at the right prices is the difference between succes or failure. It is however more then just that, there is more to it then meets the eye. QYCC can help your organization to stay on top of it. QYCC advices on networks for voice & data communication. The extensive knowledge of the members of QYCC are here to help you.

QYCC advises on networks for voice and data communication. The extensive knowledge of the members of QYCC is ready for you.

What can QYCC do for you?

Wholesale Telecom

Inter operator relations asks for knowledge and skills. QYCC has years of experience with many different operators and carriers. Signing agreements to improve interoperability is one of our specialties. 

Management Consulting

Strategic challenges ask for a sharp vision. QYCC has advices multiples parties to sharpen or set up their strategy. Long term vision, and making it tangible to today's challenges. Hands-on, passionate and up to date knowledge of the operator community are ingredients for a good discussion and a clear target.


Designing networks is a business on it self. How to prepare for new industry standards without jeopardising the existing services? QYCC has years of experience with different types of orgnaisations for migrating customers. Inter operators, or internal system migration. We have the knowledge and the experience of what could go wrong and of course a lot of ideas and suggestions to prevent this from happening. 

Project Management

Are you lacking sound project management? QYCC has run many projects for various clients. Program management or project management, we can do both. Leading or cooperating. We would be happy to discuss your new project. 

QYCC has a vision on cloud and telecom platforms. Many parties claim to be able to do everything in the cloud, but are they also doing it the way you see the cloud? often there is a difference of opinion. QYCC is clear in its cloud vision. The cloud must be functional and nothing else. Sometimes not everything is in the cloud, better than everything in the cloud. We have experience with cloud solutions for operators, and have devised various innovative solutions for operators who want to go to the cloud. Talk to us about your idea and we will be happy to explain how we see it. 

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